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Return With Honor

A Christian Fiction Novel
Guy Gourley
Agent Michelle Lazurek
Wordwise Media Services Agency

COLE HUDSON, a former Navy SEAL, is the best counter-terrorism agent in the Department of Homeland Security when he is framed for the serial murders of U.S. Senators. Now a fugitive, he must escape a nationwide manhunt and a powerful shadow government led by a rogue Senate Intelligence Committee. Knowing Cole’s relentless determination and skills to expose their master plan to overtake the United States and install a new administration controlled by a foreign government alliance, they will stop at nothing to kill Cole.


MAGGIE MASON is a CIA sniper who is recruited into an “off-book” division of the CIA and blackmailed into unsanctioned assassinations or face torture in a black site. When she refuses, a rogue element of the CIA kidnaps her daughter and forces a kill order on Cole Hudson, her first love and the father of her daughter he’s never known. Caught between two impossible worlds, Cole and Maggie must combine their forces to rescue their daughter, take down those who betrayed them, and save their country.

About Guy

After attending DiAnn Mills' writing critique group, Guy got the writing bug and took Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Master Fiction class. His feedback encouraged him to start on his first novel, Return With Honor. For ten years, he frequently met with DiAnn Mills, his writing coach, who gave him brutal word-for-word editing experience that sharpened his writing skills and finished the novel.

He has been a Christian Counselor for thirty years. His passion and love for speaking truth into people's lives came alive when he attended Dallas Theological Seminary for his Masters in Biblical Studies. After graduating, he was accepted to Colorado Christian University, where he earned another Master's degree in Biblical Counseling and founded The Legacy Center for Christian Counseling. 

Guy can usually be found in his therapist chair, but when he is not counseling, he likes creating characters with deep psychological complexities who navigate fear, betrayal, unrequited love, and sacrifice. Agent Michelle Lazurek represents him at Wordwise Media Services. He has already received endorsements from best-selling authors. 

He is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and ordained minister. When Guy is not counseling, writing, or speaking, he loves motorcycles, hiking, and long-distance ocean swimming, except for the jellyfish.

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